wedding ceremony at hampton court house


bride and groom in italian garden
groom spins bride around in her pink dress
bride and groom in the woods near clock barn hall wedding
bride and groom greeting by guest at their hampton court house wedding
bride and groom hugging at their iIranian wedding
two grooms putting on their cufflinks ready for their elmore court wedding
bride and groom laughing at their sussex wedding
bride and groom kissing at their town hall hotel wedding
bride and groom smiling at each other as bride arrives for their town hall hotel wedding in London
bride and groom walking through confetti
bride and groom outside hawksmoor hall
bride and groom in the gardens of pembroke lodge
bride and groom outside a hay barn at their sussex farm wedding
bride and groom in the fields next to fitzlerio barn
bride and groom walking through fields in oxford
bride and groom outside the national gallery near the ICA
bride and groom walking towards a house at their spanish wedding
bride and groom kissing at their first dance at rockley manor
bride and groom playfully holding pineapples in front of their faces
groom holds bride's hand during wedding speeches at arley hall
groom and best man at 30 pavilion road wedding


Hello I’m Mona, I’m a Sussex and London based female documentary wedding photographer shooting weddings throughout the UK and further afield. I have a fancy camera bag with wheels and love to travel so if you’re planning on a destination wedding let’s have a chat and you can tell me all about your exciting plans.

If you love creative, honest, relaxed, natural wedding photography we could be made for each other. I’m very unobtrusive on your wedding day capturing all your memories so that you can relax and just enjoy the day. No bossing you around and making you do silly things; I’m just a quiet observer documenting the best day of your life. I’ll make you look amazing for your romantic photos and we can arrange some group photos if that’s one of your criteria but I promise they’ll be fun and informal.