Hampton Court House Wedding PhotographyYasmin & Stuart's colourful pineapple themed summer wedding

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Summer weddings are great if there’s a fabulous crowd, a happy couple, a stunning venue and wonderful summer weather. This Hampton Court House Wedding had all of those elements and was one of my favourites of last summer. The day started with bridal prep at the nearby Park House, a short walk from Hampton Court House itself.  The apartment was full when I got there and Yasmin and her mum were having their make up and hair done. The atmosphere was already in party mode when I arrived and I had a sneaky suspicion that the day would be one of those you don’t want to end There were dresses everywhere too as we all know, women like to keep their options open so there were a few for them to choose from. Bright colours were a huge feature of the day so the more the merrier and everyone wore different brightly coloured outfits! Yasmin had a colourful, mixed heritage and she wanted the wedding to represent all elements of her colourful family! Once everyone was nearly ready, I headed off to Hampton Court House a 2 minute walk to capture some of the action over there. Guests were arriving and getting seated ready for the ceremony, and Stuart was busy with his groomsmen greeting family and friends and directing them to their seats.

Summer weddings at Hampton Court House

The excitement was building as I spied Yasmin walking with her entourage towards the house. Stuart was ready and waiting for his bride. The music started and Yasmin made her big entrance with mum and there were huge smiles and then tears from both mum and Stuart and Yasmin’s mum handed Yasmin’s hand over to Stuart. A dear friend of theirs was officiating and that made it even more special. This was no ordinary wedding! There were songs sung by the bridesmaids with banners (Love, Love Love by the Beatles) and beautiful readings, spiritual guidance and wise words given that had people in tears. They grasped hands whilst reading their vows with happy tears in their eyes and then they were married! Dancing out of the aisle with all their guests following, the party had started!

Colourful Summer Wedding with Sunglasses and Pineapples

After the rainbow wands alternative confetti moment, the newly weds led their entire entourage around towards the outside conservatory garden for a champagne reception with canapés and lawn games. They smiled and happily chatted in the summer sunshine and the mood was definitely high! Guests were treated to coloured sunglasses to help shield the summer sun and there were lots of selfies and then group photos as a record of the day. The afternoon went into the early evening and guests were invited into dinner whilst we did a few couples photos around the grounds of the house. HCH is an independent school, a stone’s throw away from Hampton Court itself and is a very busy wedding venue all year around. It’s a perfect mix of old school grandeur and shabby chic, and a very relaxed venue for weddings any time of year.

Emotional Speeches

Dinner was served after a rapturous welcoming of the newly weds into the dining room and as usual, speeches followed dinner. Yasmin’s mum kicked things off and with all the speeches, there was a sea of emotions all around. I LOVE it when words unlock the real emotions and connections between people and it’s a privilege to be there to capture moments like this, when the tears are flowing. So many speeches later and guests were ready to boogie the night away… so there was a very quick but enthusiastic cake cutting and they were straight onto the dance floor. And for something different, each mum took their turn DJ’ing a section of the party and wow, what a party, in fact what a wedding! There was so much love at this wedding there was enough to go around the world and back! So why the pineapples? Well as they were both an exotic blend, they wanted something exotic that represented them both and they choose pineapples! If you’re planning a wedding at Hampton Court House, I’d love to hear from you so get in touch here.


View of Hampton Court House


Hampton Court House main hall prepared for a wedding


Bride preparing for her Hampton Court House wedding

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for her hampton court house wedding


Bride walks to Hampton Court House wedding

wedding photography at Hampton Court House

bride arrives at hampton court house for her wedding


Bride arrives at Hampton Court House for her Wedding as the Groom waits


Bride and Groom see each other for the first time at their Hampton Court House Wedding


Bride and Groom at their Wedding at Hampton Court House


groom takes his bride’s hand for their wedding


View from the gallery at Hampton Court House wedding


bride and groom at their wedding ceremony at hampton court house


Bride and Groom at their Hampton Court House wedding


wedding ceremony at hampton court house


bride and groom exiting wedding ceremony at hampton court house


bride and groom and family photo with everyone wearing colourful sunglasses


Newly weds at their Hampton Court House Wedding


bride and groom kissing at their hampton court house wedding


bride and groom entering their wedding breakfast at hampton court hosue


wedding speeches at hampton court house


crying bride at her hampton court house wedding


bride and groom toasting each other at their wedding at hampton court hosue


bride and groom with pineapples at their hampton court house wedding


bride and groom in the garden and hampton court house

bride crying during speeches at hampton court house wedding bride and groom cutting their wedding cake at hampton court house wedding